Why Knowing Your Career Goals Is Important?

Category: Useful Tips

This is no brainer that through your admission essays or during your admission interviews, one way or the other, every university program will ask you, the applicant, about your career goals.

Well the big question is- Do you already know what you want in your career? If you already know how your career will shape then wonderful, but what if you are not sure of the road that you will take post graduating from the university? Tricky, isn’t it?

To be really frank, no one actually expects you to know exactly what you want to be doing 10 years down the line, but it’s important that at least you have some idea of it. This question primarily plays a critical role in matching the expectations between you and the university program you are applying to, of course the only twist in the tale is that the decision is not in your hands but in the hands of the adcomm interviewing you. The silver lining is- through this question the adcomm is trying to know exactly how realistic are your expectations both in terms of what you can achieve and what you can get out of the university program. It will also tell them whether you have given ample thoughts to your future career plans.

So, what shall one do to figure out this tricky question? Well, here I want to quote the special advice given by Stacy Blackman, an American MBA admissions specialist, when I was searching for these answers few years back. She said- it’s important that you first spend some quality time thinking about where you hope to be in 20 years, it’s a good starting point. If your answer is “running a company,” you need to keep thinking. Long-term goals like “starting a firm,” “being a CEO” or “launching a non-profit” are not only too vague, but they’re also common responses that won’t differentiate you from other applicants. You need to provide specific information about your career plans, or else the adcomm has no reason to believe you can achieve them.

For me the key take away was- take yourself on the ride of your dreams, but make sure your landing is perfect which is built on the foundation of specificity of your to do plan. The more clarity you can derive out of what you want to be doing and how, the better you will know why and how the program you are applying to is beneficial to you. I called this journey- a self realization path, and trust me, you will too!

Well it’s simple and almost undeniably important that you spend some quality time thinking about what you “realistically” want to do after graduating. It will certainly make your case stronger, and you may end up helping yourself by understanding exactly what you can get out of your university program.